OCT Scanning

OCT is a new way of viewing the back of the eye to give a 3D layered scan of the retina using a special camera.
As it scans the OCT also takes a picture of the back of the eye (a ‘fundus photo’).

OCT allows us to see the back of the eye in greater detail than ever before and we can store the results to look at future examinations to see if things are changing in your eyes.

We recommend that all adult patients visiting the practice have the OCT scan.  Even if your eyes are healthy this will allow us to establish what it normal for you and allow us to detect any future changes or disease more easily.

OCT is particularly recommended if you or a family member has/ had macular degeneration or if you have a family history of or are borderline for developing glaucoma.

It takes only a few moments and does not need any extra drops in the eyes and does not hurt.  The scan will not cause any damage to the eyes and is suitable for all ages.

OCT is free on all of our Complete Care Schemes.  For all other patients it is included when having an extended eye examination.

Available at Stanley H Field