Dry Eye Assessments

Do you suffer from dry, sore, watery, blurred, tired or itchy eyes?
Many patients are unaware that they are suffering from ‘dry eye’.  This can be because they aren’t producing enough tears or they aren’t producing the right balance of tears within their eyes.

Dry eye can affect people of all ages and is often exacerbated by VDU use, air-conditioning or central heating. It can even cause the eyes to become very watery!

At Stanley H Field Opticians we want to make your eyes comfortable as well as giving you good vision. We stock a range of lubrication drops which our opticians may recommended to you after a careful examination.  These work best when used regularly and some can even be used with contact lenses.

Some patients also get blocked glands and dandruff type material building up around the eyelids (Blepharitis) which can make any dryness worse and the eyes uncomfortable.  This can often be treated using a special eyelid shampoo or wipes which the optician may recommend to clean your eyes each morning.

If you think you may be suffering from dry eyes or would like more information please contact the practice.  A basic assessment of your needs can often be conducted as part of a routine eye examination but in more severe cases the optician may recommended additional appointments to investigate your symptoms further.

Available at Stanley H Field