Contact Lenses

As an independent practice we have access to a wide range of contact lenses ensuring that you can be fitted with the option most suitable for your eyes and your lifestyle. These include lenses to correct astigmatism and multifocal lenses for those who need varifocals.
Contact lenses can be used for most activities, giving you freedom from your glasses for sport, work, nights out and more!

Most modern contact lenses are made from a soft material making them easy to get used to.  Our opticians will guide you your appointments and ensure that you are comfortable and confident using your lenses before taking them home.

Daily disposable lenses:  these are the healthiest and most convenient option being worn only once and then thrown away.  This makes them ideal for occasional or full time wear.

Reusable lenses:  these are cleaned after each wear and replaced at regular intervals (normally each month).

Specialist lenses and RGP (rigid gas permeable lenses):  these offer excellent levels of vision and are often available for those patients who may not be suitable for standard soft contact lenses.

Whether you’re thinking about trying lenses for the first time, previously had a negative experience or wear lenses currently please contact our reception team to find out more about what we can offer.

Available at Stanley H Field